Block 10: The Grad Finale

March 6, 2022

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The tenth and final block of the Northwestern Dance Marathon themed “The Grad Finale,” has come to an end. An hour into the block, at about 11 p.m., dancers were forced to evacuate from the tent to Norris University Center due to the sudden severe thunderstorm warning. After waiting about 50 minutes, dancers were moved into the Norris Center Louis Room, where they finished off the last hour of the event.

A crowd of students dances in a tent.A sign titled “The grad finale.”Three students are standing on the stage with two of them pointing at something, while some students on the ground are watching them talk.  An almost empty tent.A group of students talking with a staff member.  A group of students running out of a room and cheering.Students stand in two lines while they cheer for the students that walk in between the two lines.  Two students hold a large cardboard check for $580,778.00. One student raises another student in the air. Two students hug while other students are chatting in the background. A group of students takes a selfie together.

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