Block 9: Block Time Rush

March 6, 2022

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Northwestern Dance Marathon’s Big Time Rush-themed Block 9 has come to end. 

“There’s been some drops (in energy),” said SESP senior Elana Rich, one of the development and alumni relations co-chairs. “But now, it’s all the way up. I’m fired up for the next blocks.” 

A person in a crowd of dancers holds up their arms diagonally up and down.  A crowd of people in red, green and blue shirts standing facing a stage. A group of people smiling, facing the right, with blue purple lighting. A person with a blue shirt, red cape and walkie talkie giving the thumbs up, standing in the doorway with people exiting in the background. Two people in shorts and blue shirts dancing with their arms bent in front of them. A crowd of people on the dance floor in red, green and blue shirts. A crowd of people in red, green and blue shirts in front of a stage. On the stage is a person leaning forward and a screen with colorful lights on it.  A person holding a cowboy hat, a person leaning to the left with arms up, and a person smiling at the camera. The lighting is blue. A crowd of people dancing in blue lighting. The dancer in the front wears a green shirt and the rest are wearing blue shirts. Three people pose with bent knees in front of a white sheet that reads “Block Time Rush” in white letters over a black rectangle.

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