Block 6: Lights and Frights

March 5, 2022

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Northwestern Dance Marathon’s Block 6 came to an end today at 1 p.m. Despite going on hour 18, McCormick sophomore Isaac Miller said “the energy is surprisingly good.” Miller is determined to last until the end of the marathon, saying everyone is “here to dance and that’s what we are going to do.”

A group of about nine people wearing pink shirts dance on stage under pink lights.Their hands are all crossed. Two people dance on a stage with pink and blue lights. They have one one arm up and one arm down.Three people dance under pink lights. One woman has her hand stretched out and is holding up a finger. A large group of people dance in lines under pink lights. All of their hands are stretched above their heads. A group of people wearing green shirts dance under green lights on a stage. Two people dance on a stage. Many people’s heads are seen dancing below them. Two women dance under pink lights. One woman’s hand is pointing at the other woman. Many people are dancing in the background. Two people dance on stage while many others dance below them on a dance floor. Everything is illuminated with pink lights. A line of people dance in a large tent. Orange and pink lights illuminate the dance floor.A group of dancers in pink shirts dance on a stage. Both of their arms are stretched toward the ceiling.

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