Captured: Northwestern sees victory in first home win of Big Ten Conference

Seeger Gray, Reporter

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Northwestern (4-4, 2-4 Big Ten) won its first Big Ten home match of the season against Maryland (5-11, 0-7 Big Ten) Sunday. The Cats won all but two of their eight matches against the Terrapins, triumphing 29-7. The Wildcats will compete against Michigan State on opponent turf Friday.

A wrestler pushes another wrestler on the back of their head, tipping them toward the floor.A wrestler with their arm around the head of another wrestler who is kneeling on the floor.A wrestler wraps their arms around another wrestler’s head and back.A wrestler crouches with his arms out and looks at another wrestler.A wrestler lies on top of another wrestler, who is struggling to get up, with their arms around their upper body.A wrestler pins down another wrestler with their arm around their neck.A wrestler crouches and looks at another wrestler, with their hand up to their face.A wrestler holds another wrestler in midair.A wrestler with their arms around another wrestler, who is on his hands and knees.A wrestler on his hands and knees holds another wrestler in midair.A wrestler raises both arms. A referee is behind the wrestler and holds their left hand up.

A previous version of this article misstated the wrestling victory in the headline as the first of the Big Ten Conference. Sunday’s win was the team’s first home win, but not overall win, of the conference. The Daily regrets the error.

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