Reintroducing Cats Corner

Alex Chun and Sophia Scanlan

The audio editor and sports editor of The Daily Northwestern reintroduce Cats Corner, a podcast about all things sports and Purple Pride. The first episode will premiere this Thursday.

ALEX CHUN: Hello Daily listeners! I’m Alex Chun, the audio editor for The Daily Northwestern.

SOPHIA SCANLAN: And I’m Sophia Scanlan, the sports editor.

This fall, the audio desk is teaming up with the sports desk to bring back a previous Daily Northwestern podcast: Cats Corner. From keeping you updated on Big Ten decisions…

WCPO9 ANCHOR: It’s been a long month or so for the Big Ten conference, but today the conference reversing its prior decision and they will play football this fall.

SOPHIA SCANLAN: … to chatting to Northwestern alumni who are current athletes.

ALEX ERRO: I remember eating breakfast in the spring training facility and seeing Rudy Gobert and the (Utah) Jazz had their coronavirus outbreak. So we were all kind of wondering what that meant for baseball.

SOPHIA SCANLAN: Cats Corner is covering all things sports and Purple Pride.

ALEX CHUN: The first episode of Cats Corner comes out this Thursday. Be sure to tune in! You can listen to Cats Corner on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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Email: [email protected]

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