NU releases housing task force report, opens new residence halls


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Willard Residential College. This Winter Quarter, undergraduate students will return to campus housing.

Elizabeth Byrne, Summer Editor


In January, the Undergraduate Residential Experience Committee released a report outlining a new neighborhood plan for all on-campus residences. The committee, made up of NU students, faculty and staff, suggested dividing the residence halls into different “neighborhoods” that would allow all residents in that area access to shared spaces, facilities and programming. Some of these perks would include access to dorm-specific lounges, gyms and study spaces. While not fully realized yet, this neighborhood proposal is something to watch in the future.

560 Lincoln and Willard

Northwestern’s newest dorms are 560 Lincoln and Willard Hall. Willard, which opened in January, is a residential college located on south campus, while 560 Lincoln is a north campus residence hall. Both dorms have different styles of living: 560 Lincoln is suite-style, with all suites sharing a single bathroom, and Willard features large single, double and triple rooms.

Willard, as a residential college, will hold events throughout the academic year where students earn points for housing the following year and interact with students in their dorm. It can create a smaller community within the larger Northwestern campus. 560 Lincoln, while not a residential college, also offers programming for its students and has large lounges where residents can hang out with friends instead of in their suites. While freshmen have already chosen their housing for the 2018-19 academic year, these two new residence halls are popular choices, so it might be time to start strategizing for next year.

On-Campus Living Requirements

All incoming freshmen, beginning with the class of 2021, must live in campus dorms for their first two years attending the University. This includes Greek housing, so if students are members of fraternities or sororities with houses on campus, they may live in the affiliated houses their second year. For unaffiliated students, they will go through the housing selection process again in the spring, where students can select a new residence hall and roommates.

The Master Plan

Northwestern is in the middle of executing their Housing Master plan. The plan, which is projected to be completed in Fall 2025, includes building new residence halls and doing full renovations to existing residential halls. In the four years the class of 2022 will be at NU, however, not much will change. 1835 Hinman, which closed Winter Quarter 2018, will be replaced by a new dorm, 1830 Sheridan in 2022. Jones Residential College, which closed in Fall 2017, is under renovation and will also reopen in 2022 with 1830 Sheridan.

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