ASG hosts first Wellness Week focusing on student mental, sexual health

Allie Goulding, Assistant Campus Editor

Associated Student Government will host a “Wellness Week” focusing on students’ mental and sexual health for the first time, with the first event taking place on Thursday.

The week, which was organized by ASG’s Health and Wellness committee, will include talks about relationships, identities on campus and eating disorders, a workshop about how to support survivors of sexual assault, yoga and “wellness hubs” across campus.

Vice president of health and wellness Rebecca Lazer said the week is primarily intended to bring activities and resources to students and to support students who aren’t already seeking out resources.

Wellness hubs — which will provide Kind Bars, stickers and temporary tattoos — will be placed at Main Library, Technological Institute and Norris University Center to increase the accessibility of these resources to students, the Weinberg junior said.

Committee member Jeanne Paulino said the committee tried to focus on inclusion and intersectionality when planning the events, including a talk from Counseling and Psychological Services counselor Rosemary Magaña, and wellness hubs.

“(We’re bringing) in a speaker who can talk about how marginalized communities experience Northwestern differently,” the Weinberg sophomore said. “We got a woman of color from CAPS to speak on campus, because I think it can be very isolating for students to hear a white person talk about their struggles on this campus when they have a marginalized identity.”

Lazer said the committee thought it was important to bring wellness initiatives to marginalized identities on campus. The committee members also reflected on what they thought was important to bring to campus when planning events, such as the presentation about eating disorders with nutritionist Lisa Carroll, she added.

The week will also include a labyrinth walk hosted by Religious and Spiritual Life that helps students get into a mindful state through a walk with no dead ends and a winding path, Lazer said. Students can also attend talks about wellness across identities and healthy relationships in LGBTQ communities.

Paulino said the week will provide a way for students to step back and remember to take care of themselves.

“Winter Quarter is tough … I hope that students take a step back and remember that even though grades are important, they are important themselves too,” Paulino said. “I think it’s really easy to get caught up in ‘I have a midterm’ and ‘I have a project’ and just completely forgot you’re a human being with emotions, needs like sleep and food.”

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