Best Place to Study: University Library

Mariana Alfaro, Assistant Campus Editor

University Library, one of the largest libraries in a private university, is a prime study spot. With three five-story towers that offer multiple study spaces, quiet zones and a delicious cafe, the library is the place to go if you have to read four chapters of your history book or if you need to do some last-minute studying for your chemistry final. Its central location makes it easily accessible to all students, though many North Campus students prefer Mudd Science and Engineering Library due to its location within Technological Institute.

The library, right across from Norris University Center, offers students a chance to take a break from the buzz of student life, and it is also a haven from the cold. The study rooms in the towers are the perfect space for when you need to study with a group or finish a team project. The library commons are also a great place to share and cooperate with your classmates, and it is usually the loudest section of the library, while periodicals is a quiet space where you can relax and read a fresh edition of “The New Yorker.”

Up in the towers, there are a lot of places you can sit down with your textbooks and lose track of time. If you sit by a window in one of the North towers, you get a great view of the Lakefill, which is a particularly relaxing view when it’s snowing and you see the snowflakes trickle down, reminding you you’re nice and cozy while the tundra continues outside.

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