Best Date Spot: Tapas Barcelona

Shane McKeon, Assistant Campus Editor

Northwestern doesn’t quite have what I’d call a strong dating culture. It’s more a culture of staring at the ground as you pass someone on Sheridan. But for the lucky few whose romantic lives make it beyond The Deuce, look no further than Tapas Barcelona, 1615 Chicago Ave., for a savory date night that won’t empty your wallet.

Tapas, a charming spot next to Kafein, serves up a delicious range of fine Spanish cuisine.

Tapas’ tastiest treat is its bacon-wrapped dates. (It’s taking a lot of willpower to abstain from a date-date pun, but I’ll soldier on.) The dates, skewered and covered in a rich bell pepper sauce — one of Tapas’ many, many delicious sauces — are the ultimate in sharable cuisine. And that’s a common theme throughout the Tapas menu: dishes concocted and plated for two.

Sharing, a tried-and-true technique for the penny-pinching boyfriend — or whoever pays for the meal (you’ve got to dismantle the patriarchy even when you’re nomming on calamari) — isn’t the only perk of Tapas’ menu. The bacon-wrapped dates run only $5.95, perhaps saving enough money for you and your boo to split the most romantic of desserts: flan! Nothing gets you in the mood like some moist, jiggly vanilla delight.

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