Best Women’s Clothing: Urban Outfitters

Jee Young Lee, Reporter

Whether you are looking for hipster clothing or a cute dress for the spring (it is coming, trust me), Urban Outfitters, 921 Church St., is a great place to hit up. One of the few popular brand stores in Evanston, it is a go-to place for the many women of Northwestern in search of a new outfit or a gift for a friend. The free-spirit-style store has tons of different brands with distinct looks, including BDG, Kimchi Blue and a college student’s favorite backpack brand, Herschel Supply Co. It never fails to keep up with trends. Crop tops, jumpsuits, maxi skirts, wild graphic tees — they have ’em all. Although Urban’s hippie vibes can be overwhelming at times, spend some time exploring, and you can score some classy sweaters or shorts that can be worn on a daily basis.

However, that is not the end of this hipster haven. They also have edgy accessories that will spice up your casual or party outfits. Hoop earrings, gold chains and rings — you name it, they’ve got it. You can find everything and anything at this store, even a bandana for your puppy, a vintage blanket for your dorm room and great reads for your free time. This unlimited, large two-story shop is the perfect place to splurge. The space is huge with many things hanging here and there, so it can be a little bit intimidating on your first few visits. But, chances are, you’ll find yourself strolling toward that corner of Davis Street to find the next fashion item you need.

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