Northwestern to offer online graduate degree in information design

Shane McKeon, Assistant Campus Editor

Northwestern’s School of Professional Studies is launching a new online, part-time graduate degree focused on information design.

The Master of Science in Information Design and Strategy, University officials said in a news release, aims to answer one main question: “What’s the best way to deliver digital information?”

“Students learn how to best translate information in virtual or actual environments and can hit the ground running in their careers,” Communication Prof. Eric Patrick said in a news release. “In an era when the crafting of messages and meaning is so central to our lives, information design is not only important, it’s essential.”

Many information design programs fall into a dichotomy: Some focus on design, others on technical skills. The new program, the University says, will break that dichotomy and approach information design from both perspectives.

“Right now people in the field may have a rigorous background in statistics, science or math, but they don’t understand the visual display of data,” Patrick said in the release. “Or they’re artists or graphic designers who don’t understand statistics. The idea is to try to draw from both of those crowds, to get a well-rounded person in the field.”

Classes will begin in the fall.

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