Ventra transition nears July 1 end

Bailey Williams, Assistant City Editor

Sunday will mark the next Ventra deadline, eliminating the use of Chicago and Chicago Plus cards and preventing the reloading of magnetic stripe fare cards as valid methods of payment on the Chicago Transit Authority and Pace Suburban Bus Service.

The CTA and Pace announced Wednesday an increase in the percentage of rides paid using Ventra. Ninety-two percent of CTA rides and 65 percent of Pace rides used the payment method. CTA and Pace had previously announced near the end of April that about 86 percent of CTA and 61 percent of Pace rides were being paid with Ventra.

Although the deadline is set for Sunday, the CTA website warned in April that individual cards might stop working sooner.

For those who have not transitioned to Ventra, CTA and Pace offer several steps to ease the process. Ventra cards can be purchased at CTA rail stations, online at and over the phone. Through June 24, Ventra’s customer service is hosting transfer events each Tuesday, allowing customers with remaining balances on older payment methods to transfer those funds to new Ventra cards and to ask any questions they may have.

The transition to Ventra will be completed July 1, when magnetic stripe fare cards will no longer be acceptable forms of payment.

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