Evanston residents launch home-cooked delivery service

Bailey Williams, Assistant City Editor

An Evanston couple launched a delivery food service that aims to offer healthy, home-cooked meals at an affordable price for residents in the Chicago area.

“This is food that you can truly nourish your body with,” co-founder Erin Silva Winston said. “It’s affordable … probably the healthiest most convenient way … to have an eat-in.”

Winston founded the service, Cooked, with her husband Jona Silva, who is also the lead chef and CEO of the service. Silva worked as a chef at a number of other Chicago-area restaurants such as Winnetka juice bar True Juice. The two are partnering with other local chefs to provide a different prepared food option for consumers.

“The goal is to really change the way people think of eating in,” Winston said.

The four-entree menu, with side and dessert options, changes daily. Winston said the service will also offer the option of filtering the type of environment your meal is prepared in. Dairy-free, gluten-free, sustainably-raised and vegan are all options users can choose when ordering online.

Meals are delivered cold, Winston said. All meals are designed by chefs and should take no longer than 15 minutes to heat, so customers get hot meals at the temperature they were intended to be served.

“We offer greater convenience than prepared foods — we bring it to you — but we maintain the highest standards for flavor and health, as well,” Silva said in a news release.

Winston said the couple place extra emphasis on affordability for the purpose a reaching a wide audience. The entree prices range from about $10 to $13. A week of meals, which covers Monday through Friday, costs $60.

The business delivers to several locations — including Evanston, Wilmette and Rogers Park — chosen based on proximity to the founders’ kitchen in Evanston. Winston said if they were to attain other kitchens they would consider expanding to additional delivery locations.

Cooked differentiates itself from other restaurants because it designs meals intended to be eaten at home, Winston said. Feeling good about the food you are consuming and serving is a main focus, Winston said.

“The food is excellent, you can expect a restaurant quality meal with no preservatives or additives,” Silva said in a news release. “This is a personal chef service — it’s just meals that we deliver rather than preparing it in your home.”

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