Blotter: May 28

Julian Gerez, Assistant City Editor

Three teens rob 12-year-old Evanston resident at knife point

Three teenagers used a knife to rob a 12-year-old boy near the Evanston-Chicago border Sunday afternoon.

The teenagers approached the boy, an Evanston resident, near the corner of Dobson Street and Elmwood Avenue at about 5 p.m., Evanston Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott said. One of the teens displayed a knife and demanded that the 12-year-old surrender his cell phone. After the boy gave them his phone, the three teenagers grabbed another Evanston resident, 11, from behind, and one of them said he had a gun, police said. The juveniles then fled southbound on Elmwood Avenue toward Howard Street, Parrott said.

No medical attention was required for the two boys, and police are reviewing video camera evidence in their investigation of the case, Parrott added.

Seven vehicles damaged in four blocks on Saturday and Sunday

Seven vehicles in just four blocks in south Evanston were damaged overnight Saturday.

Two of the vehicles, a Toyota and a Subaru, were damaged in the 1300 block of Wesley Avenue and the 1300 block of Greenwood Street respectively, Parrott said. These two vehicles had their rear driver’s side windows damaged by a BB or pellet gun, he added.

The other five vehicles were damaged in the 1500 block of Wilder Street and the 1100 and 1200 blocks of Florence Avenue, police said. The cars that had some windows broken included a BMW, two Chevrolets, a Toyota and a Ford.

Parrott said the damages to these five vehicles appear to be related, but the cause of the broken windows was not discernible.

Three cars were damaged in a single block in west Evanston on May 17, but Parrott said these incidents were probably not related to the ones that happened overnight Saturday.

(Blotter: May 21)

“They were in a completely different part of town,” he said. “At this point, there’s no correlation between the two (incidents).”

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