NUIT unveils new CAESAR home page to mixed reviews

Lauren Caruba, Assistant Campus Editor

Northwestern University Information Technology unveiled its new home page Sunday for the online registration system CAESAR, garnering a negative response from many students.

The new home page, previously known as the “Student Center,” organizes links into 13 modules, including enrollment, class searches, and course and teacher evaluations, called CTECs. The page also has new sections displaying exam schedules, and an “Academic Calendar” in yellow text on the right lists important deadlines.

Weinberg sophomore Halima Nur called the page “cluttered” and a “mess.” The new modules are too spread out, making the overall page “overwhelming,” she said.

“I absolutely hate it,” Nur said. “I don’t know what they’re trying to do. I don’t know if they were trying to make it more user-friendly or intuitive. … It’s just a mess, and I can’t stand it.”

The changes to CAESAR come after NUIT received numerous student complaints about the navigation and accessibility of the system. At the beginning of October, Ann Dronen, director of student enterprises for NUIT, told The Daily that NUIT was trying to organize information on the home page more logically.

At first glance, the changes did not seem so logical to Weinberg junior Suzannah Rubinstein.

“I found it pretty difficult and impractical to navigate,” she said.

Logging onto the revamped CAESAR for the first time, Rubinstein said she would need time to familiarize herself with the new page. However, she said she liked that there are fewer drop-down menus and more lists of relevant links.

Students who are truly unhappy about the changes can still access the old Student Center through a link on the upper right portion of the new page.

Dronen said NUIT would continue soliciting student feedback after the new page went live.

— Lauren Caruba