The Week That Was/This week NU students were NOT

Kathy Hong

Relaying for Life This past Friday was Northwestern’s annual Relay for Life. More than 700 students gathered at SPACand raised more than $150,000. However, the fundraising continues until August. If you missed out this year, you can still join in on next year’s 12-hour event. Checking out “KASAir” The Korean American Students Association held its annual show this past Friday. Titled “KASAir,” the show included skits and guest appearances by Quest Crew’s Lydia Paek and KRNFX, who is a current finalist on “Canada’s Got Talent.” Tuning in to Kevjumba The Asian Pacific American Coalition, Chinese Students Association and Taiwanese Americans Students Club also had their spring speaker this past Sunday. The guest speaker was none other than the Youtube star Kevin Wu, also known as Kevjumba, a Tainwanese American comedian. Rocking out with Fusion This past weekend Fusion Dance Company showed off its hip hop abilities in their spring show, “Fusion In The Lab.” The show featured dance pieces inspired by science and chemistry experiments, and was entirely student-choreographed.

This week NU students were NOT

_ѢSleeping through thunderstorms _ѢWearing jackets outside for once _ѢSad that high schoolers can’t come to Dillo Day _ѢRemembering their trips to Mifflin and the Derby _ѢHaving an incredibly boring Cinco de Mayo _ѢWondering why there were so many hot dogs around campus