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Srivastava: Amazon pushing facial recognition technology to police only empowers racist institutions

Heena Srivastava, Columnist

May 22, 2018

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Facial recognition technology has been developing since the 1960s and has taken off over the last 20 years. From tagging people on Facebook to searching faces in iCloud’s photo library, the technology adds another dynamic to...

Collins: The power for change is in your purse

Jessica Collins, Op-Ed Contributor

January 25, 2017

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President Donald Trump is a successful businessman. Or rather, he has managed to persuade the electorate that his business acumen uniquely qualifies him for the American presidency. If this is the case, and America has come to...

Staying chic in a Chicago winter

Helen Lee, Columnist

January 21, 2015

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I'm from Kentucky, the state that's basically only known for two things: horses and University of Kentucky basketball. We're not known for frigid temperatures, but during my time at Northwestern, I've adjusted to the weather...