Gate Neurosciences opens lab in Evanston, expands depression medication research


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Gate Neurosciences’ new lab is a 2,000 square foot space at NorthShore Evanston Hospital.

Shannon Tyler, City Editor

Gate Neurosciences opened a lab in Evanston, expanding their research and development of  next-generation neuroscience therapies, according to the company’s May 3 news release. 

The Indiana-based biotech startup uses precision medicine to develop drugs aimed at treating nervous system disorders, including depression. 

The lab, based at NorthShore Evanston Hospital, will expand the company’s capabilities for furthering research into its lead oral medication for depression therapy, called Zelquistinel. 

In the release, Gate Neurosciences said it hopes to bring precision medicine to mood disorders. Specifically, the company aims to develop a better understanding of dosing dynamics and patient enrichment in clinical trials, according to the release. 

Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering biomedical engineering Prof. Joseph Moskal and McCormick Prof. Jeffrey Burgdorf will lead the research operations.

“Our renewed research offers an exciting opportunity to further unlock the foundational science behind these molecules, and position them for near-term clinical success and long-term impact on patients,” Moskal said in the news release. 

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