Captured: DJs perform at A&O and .WAV’s chilly Polar Vortex event

February 14, 2022

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DJ Intranet, DJ Lu, DJ Lou Lou Lemon and Sango performed at Polar Vortex, a Saturday event co-sponsored by A&O Productions and .WAV. Though students might have frozen in the 17-degree weather — despite space heaters scattered across Norris East Lawn — the event offered free hot chocolate, apple cider and coffee. Students expressed their enjoyment of the music through many different types of dance, including one student even break dancing in the mud.

A man in a yellow beanie dances while surrounded in a circle by a large group.A group of four people dance behind a DJ set while on a stage.A person slips and falls on the ice while another person is seen lying on the ice in the background.A DJ is seen over the tops of heads of a large group of people. A man in a red jacket dances with another man in a blue jacket. They are surrounded in a circle by a group of people.A man in a purple puffer DJs on stage.A woman with black and pink hair and blue jacket DJs on stage.A man in a green sweatshirt and red hat DJs on stage.

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