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Letter to the Editor: Quest Scholars Network endorses Haley and Chris

Amanda Walsh, Rajan Negassa, Sylwia Andrzejczak, Udbhav Desai, Emerson Salmeron-Rubio, Daisy Villegas, Elvira Salgado, Catherine Sobilo

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The Northwestern Quest Scholars Network (NUQSN) has spent the last several years building up a community and representing students who, until recently, have not had a voice on campus — low income and first generation students. As members of NUQSN’s executive board, each one of us has seen both our organization and our students progress in presence, community and clout. We have also seen, time and time again, the students we strive to advocate for shut down by various administrators, student groups and individuals. Northwestern can be unforgiving. Northwestern can be cold. Northwestern can be and oftentimes is an exclusionary, impossible and marginalizing community.

It is with this experience in mind that the Northwestern Quest Scholars Network emphatically endorses Haley Hinkle and Chris Harlow in the ASG Executive Office Election.

While NUQSN cannot speak for all marginalized communities, we strongly believe that Haley and Chris can effectively and conscientiously lead not just a discussion with, but also a fight against, the university’s current culture of exclusion. Our leaders in ASG have too long simply listened to our community’s concerns while taking no action to stop a preventative campus culture. Listening is not the end game. Listening is no longer the answer.

We do not want you to placate us. Our community needs leaders who can bring voices to the table and lift them up. Our community needs a culture of action.

Haley and Chris have spent over 200 hours with over 120 students groups within the past three months alone. Haley and Chris have not only tried to hear those communities, but have sought to understand, believe in and celebrate them. While financial accessibility is something that is on every platform, only Haley and Chris took the time to actively gather official feedback from the University’s largest student group that focuses on these problems. Haley and Chris took our words and not only listened to them, but believed in them. Haley and Chris listened to our marginalized community while others did not.

Haley and Chris are not only committed to elevating marginalized communities, but are committed to taking action against exclusive institutions. They will not allow marginalized students be strung out to dry by an inactive or uncaring administration. Haley and Chris have cultivated relationships not only with students, but with administrators that make them uniquely key in fighting for accessibility and inclusion. While communities of difference might be gaining inclusivity on this campus in small ways, it is time for a big change. Haley and Chris are willing and able to not only dialogue with the administration, but to actively fight against those who celebrate and accept exclusive institutions.

NUQSN is angry. We have been heard on this campus, but we have been heard selectively. We have been heard on this campus, but we know that many organizations advocating for people of difference have not. We cannot stand for this any longer, and neither can Haley and Chris.

We urge you to join the battle against exclusivity. We urge you to build up Northwestern. We urge you to join Haley and Chris.

The Executive Board of the Northwestern Quest Scholars Network
Amanda Walsh, President
Rajan Negassa, Vice President
Sylwia Andrzejczak, Liaison
Udbhav Desai, Public Relations Chair
Emerson Salmeron-Rubio, Treasurer
Daisy Villegas, Social Co-Chair
Elvira Salgado, Service Co-Chair
Catherine Sobilo, Service Co-Chair