Best Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s

February 23, 2023

Trader Joe’s is located almost a mile from The Arch. Yet, Northwestern students are willing to make the trek to seek out items from produce to prepped meals to eclectic snacks like Maple Pancake Snaps and Cacio e Pepe Puffs. The grocery store’s assortment of necessities, creative twists on classic foods and welcoming staff set it apart from the rest. 

I grew up in Florida, where Publix reigns supreme. But I had been to several Trader Joe’s before while traveling, and I was beyond excited to have easy access to Trader Joe’s while attending NU.

Some of my favorite college memories have involved gathering with friends and eating food from Trader Joe’s. Throughout my sophomore year, my friends would come over and we’d sit on my floor eating Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Chip Dippers with hummus, tzatziki and Everything and the Elote dip. As Sports Editor in the fall, I invited Daily staffers to my apartment for gingerbread house decorating while we snacked on Trader Joe’s cookies shaped like Christmas trees. 

Trader Joe’s has you covered no matter the occasion. Galentine’s Day party? The heart-shaped pasta or dark chocolate mini heart cookies will do the trick. Movie night? Trader Joe’s has a variety of popcorn with flavors ranging from olive oil to key lime. Plus, it has everything you may need on a typical grocery outing.

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