Best Takeout: Soul & Smoke

February 23, 2023

Soul & Smoke not only caters to your need for a barbecue: It also makes it easy to grab a lunch or a late dinner. 

Behind the menu is a family history of cooking. Executive Chef D’Andre Carter, known for fine dining, began his cooking career helping his grandmother make family meals. After attending culinary school and subsequently building a rapport within the world of fine dining, he decided to found catering company Feast & Imbibe with his partner Heather Bublick in 2013.

To the delight of barbecue lovers who enjoyed the Soul & Smoke option on the Feast & Imbibe menu, the couple expanded its barbecue offerings. Soon enough, the business blazed into today’s Soul & Smoke.

If you want the barbecue without the sides, Soul & Smoke sells meats by the pound with barbecue sauce. However, what makes Evanston’s Soul & Smoke particularly unique is its mustard aioli, which complements the smoked pastrami.

No meat? No problem. Try its signature mac & cheese, which comes in 24-ounce portions.

If you can’t wait for that Fourth of July barbecue, you can get something even better at 1601 Payne St.

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