Best Brunch: Ovo Frito Café

February 23, 2023

When I was abroad in France last quarter, I woke up almost every Sunday morning desperately craving an Ovo Frito Café waffle platter. Sadly, there was nothing I could do about that particular urge then. But now that I’m back in Evanston, I’m back at Ovo Frito. 

Full disclosure: I’ve only ever ordered the waffle platter. But I firmly believe that it represents the very best of Ovo Frito on one plate. The scrambled eggs are fluffy and flavorful, the bacon is crunchy yet tender and the waffle is the best I’ve come across. From my grandma to my best friends here at Northwestern — everyone has given similar rave reviews of the huevos rancheros, omelets and cinnamon pancakes.

The superiority of every one of these staples secures Ovo Frito its place as the best brunch spot in Evanston.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit it took me at least 10 visits to realize that the entire interior of the restaurant is egg-themed, hence the portuguese pronunciation for egg, “ovo,” in the name. My personal favorite decorative touch is the egg-shaped white lamps, complete with yellow light bulbs as yolks.

Along with the fun decor, the cafe has a bustling, friendly atmosphere — which, in no small part, is thanks to owners Roberto Flores and Zinnia Iglesias, who have been integrally involved with the family-run cafe since its opening in 2017.

So next time you wake up craving brunch with a side of quirky decor and jovial community, you know where to go. 

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