Best Bar: Bob’s Pizza

February 23, 2023

You would think being on campus with at least two Jeopardy! alumni would deter people from seriously competing in Bob’s Pizza Tuesday Trivia Night, but regulars of all skill sets show up Tuesday evenings week after week to wage points over cheesy pizza and discounted beer. 

Students who come to play often hunker down with homework two or three hours before the first round, with tables and bar seats across the restaurant quickly filling up long before the start of the competition. 

But undergrads aren’t the only ones attending — I’ve run into graduate students, teaching assistants and professors at Trivia Night, all of whom have wowed the crowd with creative and silly team names. 

As a staunch supporter of ordering quick bites over pizza, I usually go with an order of the beer-battered cheese curds and fried pickles chips. But if you insist on getting pizza, then Bob’s Margherita and Bob’s Korean BBQ Chicken are the top offerings. 

For drinks, the mules are a lovely option. And if you get a toss-up question right? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by a “Tasty Treat,” one of the bar’s complimentary shots.

A fair warning: The pricing is a bit wonky, so don’t bite off more than you can chew — especially if you know you’re going to be there for a few hours. But regardless of whichever (and however much) pizza you get, all come steaming hot with large slices, a generous helping of toppings and gooey cheese. 

Also … get a small discount on your pizza by winning Trivia Night — you just have to pray the Jeopardy! alumni in the area don’t decide to make an appearance. 

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