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Speak your Mind: First-years discuss their views on mental health TND during Wildcat Welcome

Haley Fuller and Sammi Boas

October 9, 2019

Sammi Boas: From the Daily Northwestern, I’m Sammi Boas, Haley Fuller: And I’m Haley Fuller. Welcome to “Speak your Mind” a new podcast dedicated to discussing mental health on Northwestern’s campus. Episodes will come out ev...

The Spectrum: Students of color shouldn’t be forced to feel obligated to always speak about their identities

Troy Closson, Opinion Editor

October 31, 2017

This essay is part of The Spectrum, a forum in our Opinion section for marginalized voices to share their perspectives. To submit a piece for The Spectrum or discuss story ideas, please email [email protected] During Peer Adviser training this fall, as we practiced facilitatin...

Sainati: Ambiguity in Northwestern’s amnesty policy deters students from asking for help

Leo Sainati, Op-Ed Contributor

October 3, 2017

In late August 2015, Northwestern’s Division of Student Affairs unveiled its new Amnesty through Responsible Action policy to “encourage students to take responsible action when necessary.” If students find themselves in...

Closson: It’s okay to ask for help

Troy Closson, Opinion Editor

October 3, 2017

Maybe I’ll just deal with it myself. I can’t even count the number of times I told myself that last year — whether I was struggling in a class, confused about navigating the transition or just feeling overwhelmed by...

Lachow: ‘Freshman fifteen’ jokes, culture are harmful to college students

Hannah Lachow, Op-Ed Contributor

April 24, 2017

The photo is of a burger, some fries and a very appealing milkshake. The sun is out. The lake and a peep of Chicago are in the background. In every sense of the word, it is an aesthetically pleasing Snapchat. Plastered over this...