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The Blog Has Spoken: ‘Survivor’ episode 8

Claire Cinquegrani, Columnist

November 12, 2013

King Aras has been dethroned. Or has Sir Aras been de-knighted? In any case, the newly merged tribe, Kasama, took advantage of Aras’ loss to his brother during the individual immunity challenge and took out one of the major...

The Blog Has Spoken: ‘Survivor’ episode 7

Claire Cinquegrani, Columnist

October 31, 2013

Just like last week, Galang had another easy vote. Surprisingly in both cases that “easy vote” was Vytas, yet he’s still clinging onto the game after Laura B’s trust-ruining blunder (did she learn nothing about trust after Kat’s exit last week?). Though it can be risky to get rid of players wh...