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University catches students posting political mock evictions notices

Rebecca Savransky, Assistant Campus Editor

January 30, 2014

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University officials spoke to multiple Northwestern students who distributed mock eviction notices with Palestinian political messages to several campus dorms earlier this month. The fliers, which imitated real eviction notices,...

Fuleihan and Kovac: Justice doesn’t always please everyone

Dalia Fuleihan and Matthew Kovac

May 19, 2013

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As leaders in the student activist community and organizers of Social Justice Week, we were deeply disappointed by Jonathan Kamel’s recent column, which contained numerous factual errors and simplistically labeled Students for Justice in Palestine, and Social Justice Week more broadly, as...

Liberal advocacy group J Street U looks to re-launch at Northwestern

Kelly Gonsalves, Reporter

May 16, 2013

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After months out of commission, a liberal advocacy group hopes to break back on campus with an explosively-titled event: “What the F--- is J Street?” Northwestern’s J Street U chapter, which advocates a two-state solution...

Northwestern’s first Social Justice Week to debut Monday

Gideon Resnick, Reporter

May 12, 2013

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Northwestern's inaugural Social Justice Week kicks off Monday, bringing together 11 student groups for discussions on issues such as sexual assault in the military and public housing in Chicago. “There are a lot of stude...