The Daily Northwestern

Block 6: Playhouse Disney

Ben Pope, Reporter

March 4, 2017

As dancers embarked on the second half of Dance Marathon on Saturday morning, a campaign to raise $30,000 in 10 hours during the event approached its own midway point. With more than six hours to go, fundraising efforts o...

Block 5: Actual Marathon

Sophie Mann and Zoe Miller

March 4, 2017

After a rousing run around Norris University Center and a glimpse of the outdoors for the first time in about 12 hours, dancers came back into the tent for breakfast and student group performances. Late in the block, th...

Block 4: Bikini Bottom

Matthew Choi and Nora Shelly

March 4, 2017

While snow flurried outside, the Dance Marathon tent went tropical. “Bikini Bottom” featured SpongeBob and beach themes for Block 4. As the sound of the Beach Boys filtered through the tent, a few dancers said wearine...

Block 3: (NUD)MTV

Stavros Agorakis and Sophie Mann

March 4, 2017

Despite a low-energy start to Block 3, dancers erupted in applause when GiGi — who Dance Marathon beneficiary GiGi’s Playhouse is named after — took the stage. “I don’t think most 14-year-olds are out on a stage at th...

Block 2: EDMpowerment

Kristina Karisch and Sophie Mann

March 4, 2017

With bass shaking the tent, dancers donned their best and brightest neon for the second block of Dance Marathon, themed EDMpowerment. Highlights included galaxy leggings, tights and shorts combos and neon wigs that harkened bac...