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50 Years of Queer Anger: Brunei, Chick-fil-A and queer boycotting

Pallas Gutierrez, Assistant Opinion Editor

April 7, 2019

This is the eighth column in “50 Years of Queer Anger,” a series examining LGBTQ+ issues in the United States since 1969. Since Brunei implemented new laws making homosexuality punishable with death by stoning April 3,...

Srivastava: Kanye West on SNL; when do you cancel someone?

Heena Srivastava, Op-Ed Contributor

October 2, 2018

On Saturday night, Sept. 29, Kanye West was expected to release his new album "Yandhi" while performing on "Saturday Night Live." Dressed as a Perrier bottle, West gave a performance of “I Love It” with fellow hip-hop artist...

Guest Column: Why I cannot remain silent on Palestinian suffering

Erik Zorn, Guest Columnist

February 17, 2015

I’ve been debating whether or not it would be appropriate for me to write this for the past two weeks. I am conscious of what it means to speak out because I don’t want my voice to silence others. However, after seeing how...