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Marcus Thuillier

Nov 19, 2019
Thuillier: A farewell to journalism, my greatest college adventure (Story)
Nov 13, 2019
Thuillier: More diversity needed in AI to fight human biases (Story)
Nov 06, 2019
Thuillier: Coming full circle on Nelson Mandela’s number 6 jersey (Story)
Oct 22, 2019
Thuillier: Diversity at The Daily is important, down to the subject you study (Story)
Oct 08, 2019
Thuillier: Naturalization process proves to be a significant hurdle for underprivileged applicants (Story)
Sep 30, 2019
Thuillier: There is nothing wrong with wanting to go to therapy (Story)
May 31, 2019
Thuillier: Women are being put at risk by religion-based laws (Story)
May 23, 2019
Thuillier: Reflecting on how journalism is shaping my future (Story)
May 09, 2019
Thuillier: Speaking another language should never be an indictment of your ability to function in American society (Story)
May 03, 2019
Thuillier: History is repeating itself — right before our eyes (Story)
Apr 23, 2019
Thuillier: Anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace is an issue that needs to be addressed (Story)
Apr 16, 2019
Thuillier: Notre Dame has stood for 800 years. And it will stand for hundreds more (Story)
Apr 11, 2019
Thuillier: Northwestern, do more to protect health through vaccines (Story)
Apr 02, 2019
Thuillier: Americans should be able to pass a citizenship test, too (Story)
Feb 28, 2019
Thuillier: For immigrants, labels simplify necessary complexities (Story)
Feb 11, 2019
Thuillier: American people’s disconnect with their government is unlikely to change (Story)
Jan 28, 2019
Thuillier: The government shutdown was a useless self-inflicted wound (Story)
Jan 16, 2019
Thuillier: United States should prioritize press freedom (Story)
Nov 11, 2018
Thuillier: Revoking Jim Acosta’s press credentials is a gross overstep (Story)
Oct 28, 2018
Thuillier: Green card holders should be able to vote (Story)
Oct 14, 2018
Thuillier: It’s time for a conversation about the system of Supreme Court appointments (Story)