The Daily Northwestern

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Grace Wu Copy Chief See Grace Wu’s profile
See Grace Wu’s profile
Gabriela Carroll Web Editor See Gabriela Carroll’s profile
See Gabriela Carroll’s profile
Carly Schulman See Carly Schulman’s profile
See Carly Schulman’s profile
Katie Jahns See Katie Jahns’s profile
See Katie Jahns’s profile
Linus Hoeller See Linus Hoeller’s profile
See Linus Hoeller’s profile
Annika Hiredesai See Annika Hiredesai’s profile
See Annika Hiredesai’s profile
Victoria Benefield Digital Development and Recruitment Editor See Victoria Benefield’s profile
See Victoria Benefield’s profile
Jordan Mangi See Jordan Mangi’s profile
See Jordan Mangi’s profile
Alex Chun Audio Editor See Alex Chun’s profile
See Alex Chun’s profile
Sammi Boas Assistant Audio Editor See Sammi Boas’s profile
See Sammi Boas’s profile
Patrick Andres Assistant Sports Editor See Patrick Andres’s profile
See Patrick Andres’s profile
Molly Burke See Molly Burke’s profile
See Molly Burke’s profile
Eva Herscowitz See Eva Herscowitz’s profile
See Eva Herscowitz’s profile
Isabelle Sarraf Print Managing Editor See Isabelle Sarraf’s profile
See Isabelle Sarraf’s profile
Jacob Fulton Summer Editor See Jacob Fulton’s profile
See Jacob Fulton’s profile
Emma Yarger See Emma Yarger’s profile
See Emma Yarger’s profile
Arianna Carpati See Arianna Carpati’s profile
See Arianna Carpati’s profile
Rayna Song See Rayna Song’s profile
See Rayna Song’s profile
Jacob Ohara Social Media Editor See Jacob Ohara’s profile
See Jacob Ohara’s profile
Sneha Dey Editor in Chief See Sneha Dey’s profile
See Sneha Dey’s profile
Andrea Bian In Focus Editor See Andrea Bian’s profile
See Andrea Bian’s profile
Susanna Kemp Assistant Audio Editor See Susanna Kemp’s profile
See Susanna Kemp’s profile
Neya Thanikachalam Interactives Editor See Neya Thanikachalam’s profile
See Neya Thanikachalam’s profile
Janea Wilson Print Managing Editor See Janea Wilson’s profile
See Janea Wilson’s profile
Emma Edmund Audience Engagement Editor See Emma Edmund’s profile
See Emma Edmund’s profile
Zoe Malin Reporter See Zoe Malin’s profile
See Zoe Malin’s profile
Stephen Council In-Focus Editor See Stephen Council’s profile
See Stephen Council’s profile
Sophia Scanlan Sports Editor See Sophia Scanlan’s profile
See Sophia Scanlan’s profile
Peter Warren Senior Staffer See Peter Warren’s profile
See Peter Warren’s profile
Benjamin Rosenberg See Benjamin Rosenberg’s profile
See Benjamin Rosenberg’s profile