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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Austin BenavidesCampus EditorSee Austin Benavides's profile
See Austin Benavides's profile
Haley FullerCopy ChiefSee Haley Fuller's profile
See Haley Fuller's profile
Andrea BianWeb EditorSee Andrea Bian's profile
See Andrea Bian's profile
Josiah BonifantWeb EditorSee Josiah Bonifant's profile
See Josiah Bonifant's profile
Benjamin RosenbergWeb EditorSee Benjamin Rosenberg's profile
See Benjamin Rosenberg's profile
Ilana AroughetiSee Ilana Arougheti's profile
See Ilana Arougheti's profile
Nafi SoumareSee Nafi Soumare's profile
See Nafi Soumare's profile
Samantha AguilarSee Samantha Aguilar's profile
See Samantha Aguilar's profile
Max PaikSee Max Paik's profile
See Max Paik's profile
Baylor SpearsSee Baylor Spears's profile
See Baylor Spears's profile
Sammi BoasSee Sammi Boas's profile
See Sammi Boas's profile
Henry RogersSee Henry Rogers's profile
See Henry Rogers's profile
Gabrielle RanciferSee Gabrielle Rancifer's profile
See Gabrielle Rancifer's profile
Julia RichardsonSee Julia Richardson's profile
See Julia Richardson's profile
Rebecca AizinSee Rebecca Aizin's profile
See Rebecca Aizin's profile
Dan HuSee Dan Hu's profile
See Dan Hu's profile
Ryann PerlsteinSee Ryann Perlstein's profile
See Ryann Perlstein's profile
Spencer AllanSee Spencer Allan's profile
See Spencer Allan's profile
Zach BrightOpinion EditorSee Zach Bright's profile
See Zach Bright's profile
Patrick AndresSee Patrick Andres's profile
See Patrick Andres's profile
Wesley ShirolaSee Wesley Shirola's profile
See Wesley Shirola's profile
Jackson MillerSee Jackson Miller's profile
See Jackson Miller's profile
Laurisa SastoqueSee Laurisa Sastoque's profile
See Laurisa Sastoque's profile
Kathryn AugustineAssistant Opinion EditorSee Kathryn Augustine's profile
See Kathryn Augustine's profile
Kalen LucianoAudio EditorSee Kalen Luciano's profile
See Kalen Luciano's profile
Andrew MyersReporterSee Andrew Myers's profile
See Andrew Myers's profile
Zamone “Z” PerezReporterSee Zamone “Z” Perez's profile
See Zamone “Z” Perez's profile
Thea ShowalterReporterSee Thea Showalter's profile
See Thea Showalter's profile
Zinya SalfitiReporterSee Zinya Salfiti's profile
See Zinya Salfiti's profile
Natalie ChunReporterSee Natalie Chun's profile
See Natalie Chun's profile
Jacob OharaAssistant Video EditorSee Jacob Ohara's profile
See Jacob Ohara's profile
Jennifer ZhanReporterSee Jennifer Zhan's profile
See Jennifer Zhan's profile
Sneha DeySee Sneha Dey's profile
See Sneha Dey's profile
Greg SvirnovskiyAssistant Sports EditorSee Greg Svirnovskiy's profile
See Greg Svirnovskiy's profile
Megan MunceSocial Media EditorSee Megan Munce's profile
See Megan Munce's profile
James PollardAssistant Campus EditorSee James Pollard's profile
See James Pollard's profile
Janea WilsonDevelopment EditorSee Janea Wilson's profile
See Janea Wilson's profile
Roxanne PanasCreative DirectorSee Roxanne Panas's profile
See Roxanne Panas's profile
Emma EdmundCity EditorSee Emma Edmund's profile
See Emma Edmund's profile
Avi VargheseReporterSee Avi Varghese's profile
See Avi Varghese's profile
Vy DuongA&E EditorSee Vy Duong's profile
See Vy Duong's profile
Andrew GoldenSports EditorSee Andrew Golden's profile
See Andrew Golden's profile
Clare ProctorReporterSee Clare Proctor's profile
See Clare Proctor's profile
Zoe MalinReporterSee Zoe Malin's profile
See Zoe Malin's profile
Alexis WhiteReporterSee Alexis White's profile
See Alexis White's profile
Daisy ConantDevelopment and Recruitment EditorSee Daisy Conant's profile
See Daisy Conant's profile
Aaron WangReporterSee Aaron Wang's profile
See Aaron Wang's profile
Cameron CookReporterSee Cameron Cook's profile
See Cameron Cook's profile
Ashley CapootReporterSee Ashley Capoot's profile
See Ashley Capoot's profile
Stephen CouncilSee Stephen Council's profile
See Stephen Council's profile
Joshua IrvineReporterSee Joshua Irvine's profile
See Joshua Irvine's profile
Sophia ScanlanDevelopment and Recruitment EditorSee Sophia Scanlan's profile
See Sophia Scanlan's profile
Alison AlbeldaSports Photo EditorSee Alison Albelda's profile
See Alison Albelda's profile
Charlie GoldsmithSports EditorSee Charlie Goldsmith's profile
See Charlie Goldsmith's profile
Peter WarrenSports ColumnistSee Peter Warren's profile
See Peter Warren's profile
Catherine HendersonPrint Managing EditorSee Catherine Henderson's profile
See Catherine Henderson's profile
Samantha HandlerPrint Managing EditorSee Samantha Handler's profile
See Samantha Handler's profile
Charlotte WalshThe Monthly EditorSee Charlotte Walsh's profile
See Charlotte Walsh's profile
Syd StoneIn Focus EditorSee Syd Stone's profile
See Syd Stone's profile
Alex SchwartzReporterSee Alex Schwartz's profile
See Alex Schwartz's profile
Elizabeth ByrneDigital Managing EditorSee Elizabeth Byrne's profile
See Elizabeth Byrne's profile
Colin BoyleReporter & PhotographerSee Colin Boyle's profile
See Colin Boyle's profile
Maddie BurakoffMonthly EditorSee Maddie Burakoff's profile
See Maddie Burakoff's profile
Jake HollandIn Focus EditorSee Jake Holland's profile
See Jake Holland's profile