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Barzon: Don’t blame blackface on blind hatred

Carlton Barzon

November 4, 2009

I doubt I was the only student wondering if he knew "the blackface kid." I was nearly sure it was one of my own friends, who had asked me a week earlier for my opinion about painting his skin tar-black and dressing in FUBU gear for Halloween. He quickly decided against it once I explained the history surrounding his costume choice.Many people may have promptly rebuked my friend in a storm of expletives and immediately demanded an a...

N-U Said: Safe enough?

Jeff Meyer

November 3, 2009

N-U Said host Jeff Meyer talks with students about safety at Northwestern and off-campus in light of a noticeably increased police presence....

Editorial: Seeking safety around campus

November 1, 2009

It's time to take back our campus.Security alerts about nearby crimes, including incidents of a business and students being robbed, have us walking nervously through Evanston. But on a campus that extends far beyond the mile-long stretch of university buildings on Sheridan Road, students, faculty and staff...

Editorial: Green projects keep NU at top

November 1, 2009

How green are we?Even as NU and student groups continue to develop academic programming and student group involvement in environmental initiatives, NU is already taking us in the right direction for sustainability.NU is ranked by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency among the top 10 universities ...

LeBuhn: Finance jobs won’t always boast money

Mac LeBuhn

November 1, 2009

In a philosophy class a while back, I remember a TA trying to explain to a rather confused Kellogg student the notion of a priori truths: those things we know are true without any experience of them."Just try to think of something you know is undeniably true," the TA explained patiently. "Something like, &ls...