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City Watch: Hear residents’ input on budget

Ben Geier

November 16, 2009

Illustration by Steven BergerWell, here we go again. It's budget time in Evanston. The next few months will feature endless debate, countless meetings and surely at least one or two good shouting matches.Things got rolling last week with budget workshops, where Evanston residents met with the mayor, c...

LeBuhn: Faulty links connect ASG, student body

Mac LeBuhn

November 15, 2009

"God, ASG just doesn't do anything!"This favorite complaint of Northwestern students still rings familiar today, even after successive ASG presidential campaigns promised to restore relevance to the organization. Given the fact that ASG really does provide helpful services to students (really!), why does th...

Guest column: Recognizing need for new Islamic Studies

Muhammad Safdari

November 15, 2009

Following the recent creation of Jewish Studies, Catholic Studies and Latino/a Studies academic programs on campus, students are now pushing for the implementation of an Islamic Studies minor. The Associated Student Government unanimously passed legislation committing itself to the effort, The Daily su...

Letter: Fluffy fashion column prejudiced in own way

Miriam Mogilevsky and Miriam Mogilevsky

November 11, 2009

Fluffy fashion column prejudiced in own wayI'm sure I'm not the only reader who was appalled to open Monday's edition of The Daily and find, right next to two eloquent, intelligent letters about race issues at Northwestern, you have printed a column ("Define your night with closet choice," Nov. 9) in...

Letter: Suspect details crucial for personal security

Rebecca Penskar and Rebecca Penskar

November 11, 2009

Suspect details crucial for personal securityAs a female member of our Northwestern community, I am troubled by the recent increase in crime, especially the sexual assault in Tech. I am encouraged by the steps the University has taken to better protect students. However, personal responsibility is the firs...