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Elkin: If you care too much, don’t share too much

Ali Elkin

September 26, 2011

Have you quit Facebook yet? Me neither. Recent user outrage in response to Facebook's redesign, the announcement of its impending Timeline feature and its integration with other sites has by now quieted down to a modest curmudgeonly growl. Part of me is a little sorry to bring it up again. But in th...

Letter to the Editor: Drone warfare nothing but mass murder

Matt Kovac

September 26, 2011

Although one might not know it from reading Matt Zeitlin's gushing defense of drone warfare in last Thursday's Daily, the policy he so lovingly details is nothing but mass murder. Zeitlin applauds killing "terrorists," but he appears unaware that the U.S. does not target only al-Qaeda operatives or members of ...

Kurtz: Public underestimates severity of income gap

Michael Kurtz

September 25, 2011

Last week, President Obama announced a new plan to reduce the federal deficit by roughly $3.6 trillion over the next decade. He intends to raise $1.5 trillion in taxes primarily on wealthy Americans and corporations by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and limiting various deductions and loopholes. The most cont...

Clifton: “It Gets Better,” but what does “better” mean?

Derrick Clifton and Derrick Clifton

September 24, 2011

Walk down a hallway to class and hear someone shout at you, "Go to hell, stupid ...

Ajith: Strategic plan should pave way for needed change

Ani Ajith

September 24, 2011

On the heels of Facebook's major overhaul and the unveiling of Apple's iCloud, Northwestern's administration plans to lift the curtains on its own game-changer: the 10-year Strategic Plan. The long-awaited plan will come in 16 GB and 32 GB models and feature "Like" buttons and a 30-minute video with Mor...