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Letter to the Editor: Last Lecturer Alexandra Solomon responds to the conversation surrounding Prof. Barnor Hesse’s withdrawal

Alexandra H. Solomon

June 9

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

As the faculty member selected to give the 2015 Last Lecture, I would like to take the opportunity to add my voice to the important conversation that Prof. Barnor Hesse began. The situation is certainly multilayered, historical, current, and worthy of exploration and conversation — a "teaching moment" as Prof. Hesse said in his letter. ...

Letter to the Editor: Kipnis misinformation needs to stop

Erik Baker

June 8

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

Alex Daly's recent op-ed about the way Northwestern students have responded to an essay by Prof. Laura Kipnis contains several crucial inaccuracies that merit clarification. First, the petition that protesters submitted to...

Letter to the Editor: Asian American Studies still contentious after 20 years

Christine Nguyen

May 13

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

On Thursday afternoon, Asian American Studies Program students discovered that someone had torn down the 6-foot banner advertising AASP’s 20th anniversary event held in commemoration of the hunger strike that led to the program’s...

Letter to the Editor: SJP’s ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ is slander

Ross Krasner

May 12

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

At Northwestern, anti-Israel rhetoric has continued to escalate well beyond reasonable discussion and is beneath the decorum and dignity of a top university. It shouldn’t take The New York Times to write as they did Sunday that...

Letter to the Editor: Commemorating, reflecting on Al-Nakba

Students for Justice in Palestine

May 10

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

Friday, May 15th marks the 67th annual commemoration of Al-Nakba, the Catastrophe. This week we commemorate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine as well as the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people. We look to the...

Letter to the Editor: Wrestling with realities, striving for a solution

J Street U Northwestern Executive Board

April 29

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

At our event titled “Side by Side: Telling Two Narratives,” we at J Street U Northwestern tasked ourselves with presenting multiple narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in our effort to both celebrate and reflect...

Letter to the Editor: A response to Dr. Wang on college athletes

Jonathan Forman

April 24

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

Last year, I wrote to The Daily in response to Dr. Norman Wang, shortly after Kain Colter and College Athletes Players Association announced their intention to have a union election for Northwestern football players. Since that ...

Letter to the Editor: Moderates or moderators of erasure?

Hazim Abdullah, Ruba Assaf, Serene Darwish, Dalia Fuleihan, Moira Geary, Hagar Gomaa, Zahra Haider, Marcel Hanna, Aneesa Johnson, Alexa Klein-Mayer, Omar Shanti, and Noah Whinston

April 23

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

On Tuesday evening, J Street U Northwestern hosted an event to present both a “Palestinian perspective” and an Israeli one on “major milestones in Israel’s history.” The Israeli occupation of Palestinians cannot be reduced...

Letter to the Editor: Rethinking the student-athlete model

Norman C. Wang

April 23

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

April 25 will mark one year since the Northwestern football team voted on whether to form a union represented by the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA). National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional director Peter Sung...

Letter to the Editor: Julia and Erik endorse Noah and Christina for ASG president, executive vice president

Julia Watson and Erik Zorn

April 8

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

This past week, campus has been inundated with catchy slogans, slick graphics and staged photos of students posing with whiteboards. This means it’s campaign season for Associated Student Government’s President and Executive...

Letter to the Editor: NU Active Minds, NU Listens: Build Up Student Wellness with Haley and Chris

Amanda Meyer, Ary Hansen, Tiana Hickey, Emma Gordon

April 8

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

As the final week of campaigning begins, we find ourselves deciding between two different sets of candidates, two different platforms and two different visions for campus. For many students, this is the only time of the year when...

Letter to the Editor: NUCHR Co-Directors endorse Noah and Christina

Melody Song and Maroua Sallami

April 7

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

This time last year, neither of us cared about what ASG was doing. Despite being active around campus, neither one of us felt that our communities were being actively supported or represented by our own student government. Participating...