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Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Northwestern, from the President of NUCR

Harrison Flagler

November 18

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Monday evening, the Northwestern University College Republicans (NUCR) were proud to host former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich at Norris University Center. Speaker Gingrich spoke on a wide array of topics, from domestic ...

Letter to the Editor: Our Black House matters to everyone

Jeffrey Sterling

November 15

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In 1968, black students at Northwestern took action for survival and self-determination on campus. Then, as now, blacks represented a disproportionately low percentage of the student body and needed specific culturally sensitive...

Letter to the Editor: Asian Americans and college admission standards

Norman Wang

November 2

Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

Henry Cao should be commended for addressing the important and controversial topic of affirmative action in college admissions. Asian Americans are a heterogeneous group including Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese a...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Balk

Alexander W. Stephens

October 21

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Tim Balk raises many interesting issues in his recent piece “Let’s retire the ‘state school’ chant” about Northwestern game chants. However, he is simply just wrong about the entire issue. At the heart of the “st...

Letter to the Editor: The true meaning of awareness

Nathan Bennett

October 15

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For the last month, I have not gone a night without waking up to a notification on my phone alerting me to the latest tragedy taking place in Israel, the West Bank or Gaza. At first, the events unfolding seemed to fit a common...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Presbyterian Homes article

Barbara Bolsen

October 11

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To The Daily Northwestern: I appreciate your Oct. 5 article on Presbyterian Homes' intention to sell its Neighborhood Homes — three affordable buildings for senior citizens in Chicago — to a commercial real estate develop...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Barr and Johnson

October 4

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As someone living in one of the "hotspots" and carefully following local court cases involving violence, I think this letter, too, is a simplistic view of the issues. I agree that redlining and access to services, including, and in particular education and workforce, development, are a large...

Letter to the Editor: Men’s mental health is important too

Josh Walfish

October 4

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I want to personally thank Jacob Swiatek for the bravery he showed in starting a group like MENtal Health. As a male who suffered with mental illness while I was a student at Northwestern, this group would have been an invaluable...

Letter to the Editor: To curtail Evanston gun violence, we must look at root causes

Mary Barr and Doria Johnson

September 30

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The city’s response to a recent shooting in Evanston reminds us of this parable: “Once upon a time there was a small village on the edge of a river. The people there were good and life in the village was good. One day a...

Letter to the Editor: Does NU have a housing problem?

Dick Reif

September 29

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When I attended Medill from 1962-64 B.C. (Before Computers), graduate students' biggest gripe was Northwestern's total lack of housing for us. We were at the mercy of Evanston landlords who charged whatever the market would bear ...

Letter to the Editor: In college, reason must prevail over dogma

Edmund Bannister

September 24

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In recent years college students have become, fairly and unfairly, the target of extensive criticism from the news media and prominent American public figures. Magazines and newspapers, including The Atlantic, The New York Tim...

Letter to the Editor: NU’s unsustainable parking projects

Dick Reif

June 9

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Why does a university that champions sustainability conduct projects that threaten the environment? Here are some examples: The Chicago Tribune reported that Northwestern seeks a multi-year lease for 100 parking spaces in an Evanston garage at 525 Church St. This request comes just over a...