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Lieberman: Shortening Wildcat Welcome would support student wellbeing

Matt Lieberman, Columnist

October 9

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After eight exhausting days of Wildcat Welcome, I had trouble getting up in the morning for my first 9 a.m. class. Even when I arrived, excited to begin, I was too tired to take it all in. The fellow freshmen next to me in lectu...

Boxerman: We should abolish Greek life at NU, and it wouldn’t be as hard as you think

Aaron Boxerman, Op-Ed Contributor

October 9

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When we think of the classic “college experience,” we often jump straight to Greek life: brotherhood, boozy tailgates and basement parties. Every college movie is full of these tropes. From “Animal House” to “Neighbors,”...

Stachtiaris: Shaking keys at football games is elitist, unsportsmanlike

Lukas Stachtiaris, Op-Ed Contributor

October 6

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A month before the start of school, my mom sat me down on the couch with a laptop open, anxious to show her youngest son a collection of videos that she had found of Northwestern traditions. The first tab was a video titled “Wildside 101:...

Trejos: College students should rethink the election promise of free higher education

Jose Trejos, Columnist

October 6

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To get people to vote for you, just offer free stuff. Although that might be something of a cynical view of liberal policy, it has been a rather blatant move this year to appeal to college students and recent graduates. Jill Stein...

Wang: Freshmen must understand students are rarely Northwestern’s top priority

Colin Wang, Columnist

October 4

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Last week, Northwestern announced major changes to the Women’s Center, including the elimination of long-term counseling services starting Winter Quarter, sparking uproar from students. Along with the recent passings of Scott Boo...

Guirgis: Seek diverse experiences in Evanston outside campus bounds

David Guirgis, Columnist

October 3

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Somewhere along the way, on a walk to a Jamaican restaurant that was only supposed to be seven minutes long, I recognized the signs of home: dilapidated storefronts, cars that weren’t shiny and new, wire fences surrounding dese...

Soto: Northwestern should work to include Chicago-area youth in campus dialogues

Isabella Soto, Op-Ed contributor

October 2

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Two weeks ago, I attended a sexual health training in downtown Chicago put on by the Illinois Caucus of Adolescent Health. Surrounded everyone from high school freshmen to folks well into their 30s, the training was like nothing...

Vargas: Feminism can benefit from conscious, aware male allies

Alani Vargas, Columnist

September 28

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I’ve always had big groups of female friends and only meshed well with guys a fraction of the time. But when I reflect on my youth spent frequently with male cousins and classmates, there’s always a recurring theme: I was...

Trejos: Clinton should avoid painting Trump supporters with broad, condescending strokes

Jose Trejos, Columnist

September 27

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The sentiment that all Donald Trump supporters are idiots and racists is plain in the mainstream media and throughout our campus. Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent, has made it clear that she agrees with this sentiment. In a recent f...

Schwalb: A call for self-critical participation in PHA and IFC

Jessica Schwalb, Columnist

September 26

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By the end of the summer, my answers to prodding family and friends had become well-rehearsed: Yes, I’m in Greek life, but my chapter and my friends are more nuanced than the stereotypes. Yes, I buy into my Panhellenic Association...