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Watters: Electoral College predictions give this voter sense of lack of impact

Arabella Watters, Assistant Forum Editor

October 15, 2012

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If there’s anything I’ve realized as the coverage of the election has intensified in the last few weeks, it's that my vote isn’t really going to do that much toward determining the presidency. It’s a little fatalistic,...

Muller: The GOP’s dangerous brushes with crazy

Yoni Muller, Columnist

October 10, 2012

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Congratulations, Republicans, you’ve done it again. You have stood tall, raised your heads up high and expressed your beliefs proudly and passionately. More importantly though, you don’t let anybody stop you — not the radical...

Nunez: Celebrities, lose weight but keep it to yourself

Julianna Nunez, Columnist

October 9, 2012

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Like many American women, I am self-conscious about the way I look. There always seem to be extra pounds to lose, no matter what I do. It turns out celebrities have weight problems, too. That’s pretty interesting, because one...