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Moreno: “Blue Valentine” makes us think about the journey

Laura Moreno

May 23, 2011

After persistent pleads from my older sister, I vowed to watch the film "Blue Valentine" once the opportunity surfaced. A grateful thanks to A&O Films for presenting the film this past weekend at Harris Hall, despite the irony of beginning students' brief period of relief on a depressing note-a we...

Meyer: The time is now for gay rights activists

Tom Meyer

May 23, 2011

Over the course of the last few months, a slew of new polls have shown that-for the first time in history-the majority of Americans support gay marriage. Not civil unions, not hospital visitation rights, but full and equal marriages. This shift in public opinion, as demonstrated yet again by a Gallup po...

Cohen: A five-minute guide to the GOP Presidential candidates

Marshall Cohen

May 22, 2011

The media loves a good horse race, especially when it comes to elections. And there can't be a race without candidates – which are running aplenty in the hunt for the Republican Presidential nomination. Here is a breakdown of the field: Ron Paul Advantages: He is the godfather of the Tea Party movement, and Tea Pa...

Changelian: HBO’s ‘Too Big to Fail’ looks too good to miss

Armen Changelian

May 21, 2011

Some stories need to be told. Some stories - even if painful, depressing, complicated or confusing - need to be understood. When a global crisis shakes the foundation of society, impacting everyone from the President to your next-door neighbor, it's a story that people deserve to hear. And it's a st...

Cohen: May 16 week in review

Marshall Cohen

May 20, 2011

Apocalypse not now 89-year-old Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping predicted that May 21, 2011 would be the date of Rapture. Simply put, Camping and his followers held that god's chosen people would ascend into heaven on May 21, and that a five-month path of destruction would begin for those wh...