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Interim dean of students adapts to new post

Andrew Scoggin

October 29, 2009

Even though he has a lot on his plate, Interim Dean of Students Burgie Howard's calm and jovial demeanor doesn't necessarily reflect the stress of his position."I feel like I'm one of those chefs that have like 12 pots on the stove, and I'm trying to make sure nothing burns," Howard said, jokingly.Howard, formerly assista...

Jewish Jordan reflects love of faith, game

Justin Nam

October 29, 2009

For Tamir Goodman, playing college basketball did not always sync with his religion.Goodman, the first practicing Orthodox Jew to play in Division I college basketball, spoke at Northwestern about his journey with basketball and Judaism to about 25 students and members of the Jewish community at the Mc...

Dance department takes novel approach

Sarah Eberspacher

October 29, 2009

For the 30 dance majors, two graduate students, five full-time professors and seven adjunct professors in the School of Communication Dance program, the craft and study of dance is beginning to reflect the changes of the 21st century.For instructors, that means dividing their time between the classroom...

Student parents search for childcare

Lizzie Rivard

October 28, 2009

Analidis Bendana, a Weinberg senior with a three-year-old son, is trying to take an active role in getting affordable childcare at Northwestern.Because NU's Evanston campus does not offer subsidized childcare for students, faculty or staff, parents must search elsewhere in the community for daycare a...

Kellogg study: outsiders effective leaders

Lauren Kelleher

October 28, 2009

A study by Kellogg Prof. Adam Galinsky challenges the notion that promoting from within is the best option, though he notes his findings may not apply to Kellogg's search for a new dean.Galinsky said his research shows a failed course of action by business leadership is often perpetuated by new leade...