The Daily Northwestern

NU box company to expand

Lynne Fort

October 7, 2009

Economics major Li Jiang isn't just studying money; he's helping to rake it in.The Weinberg senior is one of the co-founders of Campus Solutions, a student-run storage company exclusive to Northwestern. Since its founding in 2007, when the company served 200 customers, its base has grown to nearly 80...

Columnist reports back from Iran

Clara Lingle

October 7, 2009

The aftermath following Iran's disputed election last June was watched by much of the world online. YouTube clips showed Iranian citizens holding mass demonstrations in the streets of Tehran, and Twitter feeds streamed news of policy brutality and voter fraud.But Roger Cohen, a columnist for the New Y...

Senior starts online editing business

Camille Beredjick

October 7, 2009

An online editing business headed by a Northwestern student offers "editing with a twist." Weinberg senior Rachel Koontz started her online editing Web site, editZING, over the summer."I love talking to people about their writing," Koontzi said. "I'm such a nerd."Koontz started at NU as a Medill stud...

Inauguration to be held indoors

Christina Salter and Christina Salter

October 7, 2009

Posted Oct. 8, 6:40 p.m.University President Morton Schapiro's inauguration ceremony on Friday will be held inside due to rain, university spokesman Al Cubbage said Thursday night."Obviously it has been raining fairly steadily all day today and the prediction is for more rain tomorrow," Cubbage said...

Student, prof launch hit Web sites

Kawther Albader

October 7, 2009

It was love when the world first got its hands on two sister Web sites dealing with the progress and sometimes failure of modern relationships.Robert K. Elder, a Medill adjunct professor, was looking for a "fun and frivolous" getaway when he decided to found two Web sites devoted to sharing stories o...