The Daily Northwestern

Fireside to open debate on atheism

Lark Turner

November 23, 2009

Two professors and an emerging student group want to bring atheism and agnosticism into the religious fold at Northwestern, two belief systems they said they feel have not had a voice on campus.In a recent survey of incoming NU freshmen by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program, 33 percent o...

Noyes art show brings body-inspired works

Chris Kirk

November 22, 2009

The contributing artists of Evanston's latest art exhibition, "Somatic," color the walls of the Noyes Cultural Art Center with a variety of inspirations. Among them: blood cells, viruses, skin, cosmetic surgery and orange fungus.The exhibition, which started on Nov. 18 at the art center, 927 Noyes St....

Panelists raise awareness of clean coal in U.S.

Sarah Eberspacher

November 22, 2009

At Northwestern Community Development Corps' final fall lecture, one of the panelists spoke about his project: "Topless America."The ongoing project - which raises awareness about mountaintop coal removal - features a documentary, part of which was shown at "Alternative Energy and the American Worker: T...

NU’s Strategic Plan looks to next 10 years

Andrew Scoggin

November 22, 2009

Northwestern administrators are planning for the next 10 years, this time soliciting the community's input as to NU's future. The University released a framework earlier this month for the next University-wide strategic plan, which is set to take effect at the beginning of 2011 and run through the end o...

Students seek help for mental health

Caroline Dzeba

November 19, 2009

A study that focuses on the higher rates of depression in Western culture than in Eastern culture is manifesting in another rising trend in the U.S. - more college students are seeking psychological help. The "Healthy Minds" study, spearheaded by University of Michigan Prof. Daniel Eisenberg, found the...