The Daily Northwestern

Fares too high for many international students

Rebecca Cohen

December 1, 2009

Most years, Fabiano Leal spends New Year's Eve watching fireworks by the lake in Brasilia, Brazil, his hometown. This year the Medill freshman's winter break plans are uncertain."I'm almost sure that I'm not going home, because it would be too expensive," he said.Leal is not the only international student w...

Signs highlight discrimination, racial inequalities at NU

Maria LaMagna

November 23, 2009

At 10:30 a.m. Monday, three girls wearing sandwich boards with provocative signs, each with a different message, walked slowly up Sheridan Road. Students passing by glanced quickly at their signs - "I can't afford a North Face," "I am one of 87 black sophomores," "My top 3 sororities didn't want me," - ...

Groups push to up wages for NU food service, janitorial employees

Rebecca Olles

November 23, 2009

With the support of student groups such as Alianza, Hillel and the Roosevelt Institute, members of the Northwestern Community Development Corps are working to ensure NU food service and janitorial employees earn a living wage.A living wage is the hourly rate a full-time worker needs to be paid in order ...

DM beneficiary StandUp for Kids aims to help homeless youth

Lilia Hargis

November 23, 2009

Every Thursday night, Weinberg senior Elizabeth Green and a few other Northwestern students take the El downtown to provide an important service to Chicago's homeless youth: a willingness to listen.Green and the other students go to the Center on Halsted, a community center in Chicago's Lakeview neighborh...

Michael Eric Dyson discusses black community setbacks

Lizzie Rivard

November 23, 2009

From President Barack Obama's election to Kanye West, Michael Eric Dyson discussed modern representations of black identity at Northwestern on Monday.Dyson was the keynote speaker for the For Members Only annual State of the Black Union Address, "Perception and Reception: Blackness in the Public Eye." FMO...