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Q&A with Dogspotting Snapchat manager Sofia Kuta

Rachel Holtzman, Reporter

May 24, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Students

In between classes and bites of breakfast, Communication junior Sofia Kuta runs the Dogspotting Snapchat account. Dogspotting is a public Facebook group where more than 586,000 members can post photos of dogs they see. The Daily...

Communication sophomore creates first feature film based on experiences with brother with disabilities

Madeleine Fernando, Assistant A&E Editor

May 24, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Students, Television and Film

When Communication sophomore Alex Herz set out to make his first feature film, he didn’t know what it would be about. Herz said the idea for his film came to him when he was sitting in one of his Radio, Television and Film...