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Artist recreates Northwestern sunrise, sunset inside Dittmar Gallery

Artist Jason Paradis' “Night for Day” exhibit features a carefully constructed version of the sky as seen from Evanston.

Alice Yin, Development Editor

January 8, 2015

The Dittmar Gallery room will be transformed into a Northwestern-personalized map of the evening sky, complete with rocks from around campus. Called the “Night for Day” exhibit, the art installation will open Friday and be featured until Feb. 8. Jason Paradis, a New York-based artist and university...

Foods you loved abroad find a place at home

Hayley Glatter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 7, 2015

Ah, Winter Quarter. A time of late frostbite shuttles, general cold-related saltiness and an impossible deluge of Wildcats who seem to start every sentence with “Well, this one time in Paris …” That’s right, Cats, nearly 400 students studied abroad in the fall, and many are back on campus for...

Canadian string quartet opens Winter Chamber Music Festival, premieres new work

Rachel Davison, Reporter

January 7, 2015

The Orford String Quartet, well-known in Canada for performing and teaching in the summer at the Orford Arts Centre, disbanded in 1991. But, in July of 2009, Jonathan Crow, Andrew Wan, Eric Nowlin and Brian Manker performed together at the Orford Arts Centre, rehearsing as the New Orford String Quartet for...

Northwestern creative writing professors lauded for groundbreaking work

Amanda Svachula, Reporter

January 7, 2015

With innovative literary techniques and unique perspectives on common topics, Northwestern creative writing professors Stuart Dybek and Eula Biss astounded the literary world in 2014, receiving many awards for their work. Dybek published two books of short stories that received praise from both n...

Block Museum exhibition features Kashmiri artifacts

Block Museum of Art will display these two artifacts, a Crowned Buddha Shakyamuni statue and Thangka of Four-Armed Mahakala depiction, along with more than 40 others when the new exhibition opens Tuesday.

Hayley Glatter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 7, 2015

An 8th-century brass sculpture with copper and silver inlay, a masterpiece of technical workmanship, sits in the middle of an empty room. The display isn’t located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Louvre. Rather, it’s part of Block Museum of Art’s new exhibition, which includes two pa...