Cook County to raise minimum wage this summer


Shannon Tyler/The Daily Northwestern

The minimum wage will increase beginning July 1.

Shannon Tyler, City Editor

Cook County is set to increase its minimum wage this summer to $13.70 for non-tipped workers and $8 for tipped workers, according to a news release by the Cook County President’s Office. 

Beginning July 1, the minimum wage will increase just $0.35 for non-tipped workers from $13.35 and $0.20 for tipped workers –– up from $7.40. 

Last summer, wages rose from $13 and $6.60 for tipped and non-tipped workers, respectively. 

The county’s Minimum Wage Ordinance sets the lowest amount an employer in the county can pay their workers. It applies to hourly, salaried and tipped employees in the county over the age of 18, in addition to adult workers who make deliveries or drive within Cook County. 

Each year, the minimum wage is calculated using the Consumer Price Index. 

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