Block 6: I’m NU and You’re Watching NickeloDM

March 4, 2023

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Entering the halfway point of the marathon, the dancers kept the energy high with a Nickelodeon-themed block. The main festivities included a performance by ShireiNU, Northwestern’s premier Jewish a cappella group, followed by a game.

Dancers are performing as the room is illuminated by red light.Four dancers take a selfie as people stand onstage.A singing group performs on stage to much applause by the audience.People toss shirts into the crowd.A pink light floods through the room as the crowd dances.The dancing continues among the crowd members.The dancers are socializing as the music quiets down.A group of dancers form a circle and begin passing a beach ball.People in pink stand on the stage with their arms in the air.People continue dancing in the neon lit room.

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