Best Boba: Happy Lemon

February 23, 2023

Happy Lemon has sunshine pouring in through floor to ceiling windows.

Founded in 2006 by Taiwan-based tea company Yummy Town Corporation, the bubble tea shop currently has more than 2,000 locations worldwide. 

The local outlet, which opened in Evanston in July 2021, is just a 10-minute stroll from South Campus, making it the perfect place for students to hang out and grab a quick drink between classes. 

With the impressive selection of items on the menu — from milk tea, smoothies, fruit teas and even waffles — there’s something for everyone. Maybe even try Happy Lemon’s signature item, the Rock Salt Cheese Tea, which is made of cream cheese, whipped cream, milk and a dash of rock salt, giving the drink a savory finish. What I’d personally recommend is the Purple Taro Smoothie with Boba, but be sure to ask for 70% sugar or less.

What makes Happy Lemon stand out among the many boba stores in the Evanston area is its commitment to using high quality ingredients. With freshly brewed tea and every drink made onsite, there’s a difference you can really taste.

As an international student from Taiwan, walking into Happy Lemon really does capture the essence of home, and I’m sure others would agree, establishing Happy Lemon as Evanston’s best boba store. 

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