Markus: Eight Things President Schill Wants for Hannukah


Illustration by Nicole Markus

Northwestern merch, a moped and a dog sweater are all things Schill should have on his 2022 Hannukah list.

Nicole Markus, Holiday Guide Editor

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, but the time for making holiday wish lists has just begun. It’s Northwestern President Michael Schill’s first year at NU, so we thought we’d make his wishlist for him. Though I haven’t actually spoken to him about it, here’s eight things I think Schill should request for Hannukah.

  1. A dog sweater: It’s already chilly out, making it much harder for Schill to take his dog, Max, out on walks. That’s why Schill should definitely add some warm dog sweaters to his Hannukah list.
  2. NU merch: Every freshman begins the process of slowly building up their merch collection, why shouldn’t Schill do the same? A trip to Campus Gear is in order this holiday season.
  3. A top five ranking in the U.S. News and World Report: NU has advanced a few spots in the rankings recently, save for this year. But why should Schill stop here? This isn’t over until we pass University of Chicago (Schill was the law school dean here, making this rivalry extra important).
  4. A moped: In October, Schill talked to The Daily about his role leading athletics at the University of Oregon. As NU’s president, he’ll have some of those same responsibilities here. As someone in the athletic world, why shouldn’t he have a moped to fit in with the football players?
  5. An advanced copy of the next “Game of Thrones” book: Schill greeted George R.R. Martin (Medill ’70, ’71) to NU when the author visited in November. Martin discussed his progress on the highly-anticipated next novels of “A Song of Ice and Fire” at the event. Schill should be the first to read what happens to the characters (and give me the copy after he reads it)!
  6. A tourney berth: NU men’s basketball hasn’t participated in an NCAA March Madness story since 2017. During Schill’s time as president, maybe that’ll change.
  7. A framed copy of his special issue: The Daily wrote a special issue about Schill and his quick entry into the presidency. Maybe I’m biased, but I would want that framed if I were in his position.
  8. A lifetime supply of Lou Malnati’s: Schill is no stranger to Chicago, which probably means he’s no stranger to deep dish pizza. Still, what better way to commemorate his return to the city than a lifetime supply of the best deep dish pizza around?

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